KON-TIKI Wave Rider – Solarbo Ltd

The KON-TIKI is a pretty rare board. Although I have just found a family who have a bunch of them in their caravan in Ireland. They still use them every summer!! These boards were made in yellow and blue (and possibly other colours) as well as this red one. They have the square nose and a rocker, although Solarbo also made a board with a round nose and no rocker. The boards are just under 4 foot by 1 foot wide.


Solarbo Ltd are a company from West Lancing in Sussex. They created these boards using balsa wood, so they are of course pretty light and I’d imagine pretty easy to break.

The boards have a brilliant logo that looks to me that it was produced in the 1960’s. I have someone who may be able to confirm that, so will update, shortly if I find out.


Solarbo Ltd were a company who processed and produced balsa wood back in the day and supplied balsa for all sorts of things, including the toy model trade. They advertised these boards in the 1953 edition of ‘The Art of Surf-Riding’ by Ronald S Funnell (see below). These are the above mentioned round nose versions with no rocker. Sold in Westlake’s in Newquay


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