Crest – Lillywhites board

What a board! I haven’t seen another one of these as yet. This was the first board I paid a little extra for and made me realise I was well hooked.  I always wondered if this was a Crest board (originally designed by Ronald S Funnell). Having put these boards side by side, as I start to document them it’s pretty obvious they were made at the same time, out of the same wood (Gaboon ply) and by the same company.


It has the lovely Crest logo, with the larger Lillywhites (famed sports shop in Piccadilly, London) logo above. I do have other Lillywhites boards that I will write about soon. The board is just under 4 foot long. The top end width (with a nice rocker) was about 11.25 inches, tapering to 9.5 inches wide at the bottom. It’s exactly the same size and weight as the Crest I wrote about earlier on the site.

The imagery on the board is killer and the condition is just as I like them best, well used! A truly terrific patina.


I am at present tracking more info on Lillywhites boards and the dates of when they were sold. But we know that Ronald’s Crests (according to his book) had stopped being produced by 1953. I’m presuming this was a board that he produced for Lillywhites anytime between the mid 1930s and about 1950.

Below you can see a plain Crest and the Lillywhites one side by side. More to come on this board soon.


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