Charles Pearce & Sons – Dick Pearce -Gnome bellyboard

Another Dick Pearce lovely!! This is one of his mini surfer board range. Made of 6mm ply and as light as a feather. Three foot in length and 12 inches at the top tapering to 11 inches at the bottom, suggesting that these boards were actually made for kids and are not just cut downs of his longer boards.


I have a few of Dick’s old brochures and the imagery in the brochure that includes the Gnome would suggest these boards are from the mid to late 70s (lots of budgie smugglers and side burns, etc). The same brochure (I’ll post this soon) describes the board as made of lightweight Gaboon ply for the young surfer, whose weight should not exceed 55 lbs.

The board is not finished, and has never seen the water. This was a board I picked up from his actual factory in South Molton (along with about 100 others and lots of other REALLY cool stuff). I will tell you that story soon – a day of pure legend!

It has the lovely green screen printed gnome (I have this in other colours too). And as you will see in the 3rd picture it still has the brilliant original sticker/user guide.


The label states clearly that this board is meant to be surfed on only. Not quite sure what else a buyer may have done with it, but I’m glad for the warning.  The imagery seen here is also used in the little guide they used to produce too. Top board, I kinda want to see if this board will work with my frame (more than a tad heavier than the recommended 55lbs) .




2 thoughts

  1. Dick once told me that back in the day children often used his surfboards as see saws which usually led to them breaking. He got fed up with the number of people who came back to him and asked for a refund so I am sure this is one of the reasons he had “this surfboard is constructed for that purpose only”


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