Neptune Surfjockey – Marcol reg’d

This is one of the nicest looking boards I think I have ever seen. I love the old boards with a different coloured top. They just look perfect (you often see this look on a Wavemaster).


The board is 11.5 inches at the top and 10 inches at the bottom. It’s 47.5 inches in length and 8mm wide, so a perfect weight.  It has a lovely rocker and it’s beautiful to ride.

The logo is killer and the board itself is in a lovely used condition. Perfect all rounder.

I have various Surfjockeys (I’ll add more soon) and they are obviously an old board looking at the various logos. They are easily some of the nicest looking boards I have and whilst I have seen a few here and there I haven’t seen tons of these boards. They are really similar in many ways to the Crest boards, but I can find literally NOTHING written about them anywhere. So if you have any info on them please let me know. I have feeling that others I have are earlier but I think these boards are from the 50s at least, although I have a feeling some of them may be earlier


Top, top board which I can only presume came in other coloured tops. I’m going to keep researching these, but I’d love any help anyone out there can give me on the company AND what Marcol Reg’d (presume registered, means). I’ll keep hunting for any more info.



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