Polzeath, Rock & District Official Guide – 1961

A lovely Polzeath guide from 1961. In totally remarkable condition. A terrific little book that is chock full of amazing images. It comes with supplementary guide that gives us the date.


A brilliant cover with a bunch of lovelies enjoying the surf. Inside the book is a whole section on surfing at Polzeath, with another photo or two (of surfers) and the great little illustration below.

The part on surfing talks of the wonders of the sport and how it will, quite rightly, will be the greatest joy of your holiday. It includes this lovely quote ‘the thrill of wading out, facing towards the shore, lying flat on your board and letting yourself be carried on the foaming, frothing crest of the breaking wave until you lie, almost exhausted with exhilaration’  makes me need to be there!!!!


In among the ads in the booklet is a cracker for the original Ann’s Cottage store or filling station as it was then and showing that they were at that point also renting boards. Ann’s Cottage has changed a ton since and has about 15 stores but this is where it all started!!


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