Dick Pearce – Unicorn, but not just any Unicorn, This was ACTUALLY Dick’s Board!!

Okay, so of all of the boards I own, this is probably the one that I love the most. The Unicorns are fairly collectible and very different to most boards. I have a few different variants of the Unicorn but only ONE like this, as this was actually Dick Pearce’s board. So, to me, and I’m sure a few others, this is the stuff of which legends are made.


The Unicorn board was Dick’s favourite board. I have been told by a few that knew him that he only stopped making them as they were so time consuming to produce. I will also write soon more about these boards as I also have the clamps that Dick used to make them . How do I have this stuff, you may ask?? Well in the summer of 2016, through my good friend Sally Parkin of www.originalsurfboards.co.uk had told me that Sue Pearce (The late Dick Pearce’s wife) wanted to start clearing out the Tannery in South Molton, where Dick made all his boards (For his business Charles Pearce & son). In July 2016 Sally Parkin, John Isaac and I went to pick all this stuff up. Naturally I bought the lot and now have not just some great boards from that day (that I will never forget) but some notes and more from Dick. I will write a piece on this soon but what a day!!

Anyway back to the board.  It’s a very special build. It’s bigger than most boards, 53 inches long, a smidge over a foot wide at the top, narrowing to 11 inches at the bottom. BUT where it really differs is if you look at below image you will see how thick it is – about 15mm.


It’s thick because (as the descriptive in one of Dick’s old brochures from the 70s says) – it’s built from 6mm steam turned ply with an inner core of expanded high density polystyrene with a micro cellular rubber edge runner. “For the enthusiast who wants that extra performance, a must!” states the brochure.

The above mentioned rubber edge is MUCH more noticeable on the plain unpainted boards, this one is a yellow paint job (this is how it was) and I haven’t seen another one like this yet. It also has a white undercoat under the yellow paint, so I do wonder if it is something Dick made for just for himself (I’m going to try to find out). Whatever, the amount of time put into this must have been huge and I know that ultimately the time it took to produce each board was what resulted in them closing down production of the Unicorn. A great logo with a lovely silkscreen, as per all Dick’s boards. Just lovely.

As I said at the start of this post, it’s a truly incredible thing to own (I find myself gazing at it every now and then!!) a real piece of British surf history. Dick, of course was a legend and to own this is very special to me. MUCH more to come on Dick’s stuff soon.


2 thoughts

  1. Hi Matt, I found a surfrider the same as this yesterday-never seen one before is this unusual? Will get to try it hopefully and some pictures


    Rob Aggett


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