Holidays in Britain Cigarette card 1937 – Newquay

Here is a lovely little card. It comes from the ‘Holidays in Britain’ series. Produced for W.A. &  A.C. Churchman, of the Imperial Tobacco Company (Great Britain). This set had 48 different cards of different resorts in the UK and came free in your Cigarette pack. It really shows a different time. It’s a nice, fairly early surf image from 1937 that shows 5 people surfing in Newquay.


I wish I knew what boards they were using. Of course being the total nerd that I am I have used my 8 year old daughter’s magnifying glass to look at the boards and, interestingly, one of the boards that I can see (lady standing in picture) looks like an old ‘coffin lid’ type, possibly made by undertaker Tom Tremewan, from Perranporth . Could be?  Another lady looks to have quite a wide white board too. Or perhaps she is reading a newspaper, who knows what they did in the sea in 1937??

The back of the card has some amazing notes on how Newquay was growing in popularity due to its ‘fine sands’, ‘clear pools’ and ‘some of the best surf-riding on the coast’. It also tells us of the dancing in plenty, two cinemas, a theatre and concert parties. Toodle pip old bean!!!!



How I’d love to go back and witness Newquay in 1937!!

One thought

  1. As another surf riding research nerd I have just got out my cigarette card and vintage “sun vision high power magnifier” to look at the image – I think that the lady in the background on the right is holding a surf o plane and not a wide board – they were very popular around this time. They looked like Lilos – and were similar to what is now used for “mat surfing” these days. I think the man on the left of the image is on a surf o plane and not a board. Do you know if this image was a postcard and/or a photograph used in one of the Newquay publicity guide. Will let you know if I come across it, but guessing you now have even more vintage Newquay guides than me.


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