Perranporth Postcard – ‘Good Luck from Perranporth’ 1972

I have tons of postcards and they go from the proper old school to these 60s/70s ones, which I kind of prefer. I love the staging and daftness of them and this one almost couldn’t get better. The composition is brilliant!


l’m sure I would have snapped this card up if I’d have seen it at the time. It’s perfect. It features a really grumpy looking black cat in the middle (I’m presuming for good luck), but this guy hasn’t had much himself as someone has put a red bow around his/her neck. And I don’t think he/she likes it. Look at its face!

Further to the left we see a rather brilliant image of a couple of ladies looking (almost) out to see and they have a couple of lovely boards – one with a central stripe owned by the young lass having a rest and a nice white board with the other lady. Smashing image.


On the back of the card we can see the stamp price of 2 and a half pence. And a date stamp of 1972. The card is published by D Constance Ltd. It’s ace. The card was being sent to St Helens, Jersey and has a nice note from the sender who notes watching (yes watching) the surfers!!


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