Bondi Seahorse by Gerald Pearn Ltd

Here is something different – the Bondi Seahorse! This is a really lovely board. And there is a reason for this. This is yet another example of a board made by a boat builder.

The board is made by Gerald Penn who not only made trawlers from His yard in Morval, Looe, but was really well known for making some lovely speedboats made for taking tourists out for blasts in Looe, Padstow and Falmouth. I am damn sure I went on one of these as a kid, my mother screaming like a mad woman (in a  good way of course). He made Thunder, 007, Jaws and Sea Fury, amongst others. These boats were all based on a boat called ‘Miss Looe’, a 26 footer from the 50s. His boats were produced in the 60s and 70s.


When I got this board, I presumed that the strange little seahorse was, in fact, added after production. But I now realise that was not the case. I have seen images of these boards and know one other collector who has a plain wood one with the seahorse on it. I’m placing the board in the late 60s to early 70s.


lt’s really nicely made and is 48 inches long and a foot wide in 8mm ply. It’s pretty light too. It has a lovely logo (below) which, of course, makes it easier to find out about (well normally).

Gerald Pearn Ltd opened in 1936 and is actually still running today in the name of Norman Pearn (3rd generation Pearn) and run by Alastair Pearn (as MD). Lovely board indeed!


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