Neptune Surfjockey – Plain Bellyboard

A lovely Neptune SurfJockey. You gotta love these boards. I have a few – all with different logos and weights and sizes (see site filter to find them). You don’t tend to see loads of them and I wish I could find more of them and more info on them.


I have a feeling this one may be earlier than the other Surfjockeys I have. There is more care and attention to the logo (below) which is so beautiful and better looking than the regular ones that look like a stencil. I think this one is a 50s board (or earlier). It has quite an odd shape. It’s straight, just under a foot top and bottom (no taper), 47 inches in length and 9mm thick .


It does have a rocker and is a total beauty. I am chasing some more info on the maker of these boards. But they def have the look of boards that were made by a boat builder. Lovely!


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