Psychedelic mini surf rider, made by Dick Pearce for Smile Surfshop, Newquay

Okay this thing is bonkers – but brilliant! I can only imagine someone at Charles Pearce & Sons (Dick Pearce’s factory) may have been going to a few local raves when they came up with the concept for this product. A few too many good nights out perhaps. Or was it just the 80s/90s??


I have a few of these sprayed boards from Dick’s factory. I also have photographs that he used to sell stock to local stores so I do know that he was trying to sell these ‘samples’. I own the 3 from the photos and this little squirt of a board that must have been built for either an action man or perhaps a 2 year old. Who knows? What I do know is that I tried it and it was kind of fun.

This particular one was, I reckon, a test for Smile Surf Shop. Not sure that they ever went on sale, but it’s fun to own.


It was purchased on my trip (with Sally and John) to buy all Dick’s old/left over stock and stuff. The board in question is 11.5 inches wide at the top, 11 wide at the bottom and just 19 inches in length and made from 8mm ply.

Looking at the back of the board this was a test one for sure. I’m sure they would never left have left the factory this way. But I had to pick it up. Who knows if another one even exists. Daft, but I love it!!


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