Surfing – Sales brochure. Charles Pearce & Sons – Dick Pearce

This is just too cool for words. I have a few of these that I picked up from Dick’s factory. And you see 2 of them in the image below. These little sales brochures really do give a peak back in time and show us Dick’s products in (I reckon) the mid to late 70s, possibly even the 80s based on the attire of the crew in the photos!


The pamphlets are great as they show what dick was selling then – the Magical Unicorn  – the board with the inner core (read more here ), the Gnome and the classic Surfrider. Also by this time he was producing and selling skim discs too. The little pamphlet also teaches you how to surf. But the BEST thing about one of these is that you can see Dick’s notes on it showing that he had discontinued the Unicorn, his favourite board. What a shame!! But for a supernerd like me, this is, of course, great to own.


Check out the family below having a KILLER day. Two Surfriders, a Gnome and a Unicorn. Very cool. This really is a great little thing. Love it. Could that be Brian Jacks in the picture? That would make it even better!


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