KON-TIKI Waverider Packaging – Now married to a board.

Well here is something pretty extraordinary! I actually bought the packaging separately from the board which you can read about here, in an earlier post. So now I have the board with original packaging – v cool!. Well, I think so anyway


The package actually came with a rad blue Grays board in it (I’ll add that one soon). But when I saw the packaging I just had to buy it as I had the board to fit inside the cardboard packing, which is in pretty good condition considering it’s about 50 years old!!!

As you can see, the logo on the package is just top drawer (see below). Apparently this board was unsinkable and magically brings surf to any beach – wow! Not sure about that but it’s way cool.


Great for beginners and great for kids, so the label says. It really is a magic piece of art. The cardboard is in okay condition. I’m pretty amazed to find this. I’m sure there is another somewhere else, but there can’t be many KON-TIKIs with the packing. Can there?? LOVE IT!!



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