‘Surfing’ What It’s All About – by G.T.Roberts 1967

What a brilliant book. Written by G.T. Roberts, noted on the front of the book as an ex professional lifeguard, Newquay, Cornwall. Published by Harvey Barton of Bristol ( he also took the photos).


It’s a brilliant book obviously made mainly for the influx to the UK of Malibu Boards that started in the early 60s. It’s 34 pages and has a soft cover. It starts by showing the reader many ‘cool’ moves and marks them out of 10. The drawings that illustrate these are great,


The book also tells us what a surfer is, how they dress and keep safe. It then goes on to tell us about the various kinds of surfing including ‘Hand board Riding’ where he describes a 4ft long and 1ft wide ply board (a bellyboard). He also describes Body Surfing, Belly Boarding (foam/fibre boards), Hand Planning and Ski Riding.

The book includes some lovely photos of the beaches. See one below of some ladies coming right onto the beach. This a top book, I’d never seen one until I got this, but there are probably tons of them out there. Get one, it’s ace!!


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